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Valet parking services

Important event? you could use our valet parking service?

A prestigious event like a wedding, corporate event or party? do you have hotel need to add that additional prestige service to your venue, then get in touch with valet parking is our specialty we can cater for all your event parking needs.


What can we do for you?

Valet parking in a uniformed service allowing your event to run more smoothly and cater for limited parking spaces or parking some distance from the venue. we can arrange the parking for you through our network of car parks we work with.  Red carpets and ropes, guest seating to security personnel and chauffeur and taxi services. we can cater for any event requirement.


We need to know the following:

1. Why do you need the service?

2. Have you ever had the service before? 

3. What type of event? 

4. Invited guests number?

3. Location? 

Once we get the above information provided we will send an expert member of our team to examine the event site and shall provide an estimation. 


Call or email us (  for a free quotation. if you have an urgent service and need staff within 24 hours or sooner!

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